Manage effectively all risks in your organization, follow up quickly your actions and create management reports.

RiskReporter, freemium version


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Quick and easy implementation

Stay focused on what's important, while we guide you through the quick installation process with the Starterskit (toolbox).

Automate risk notifications and reminders

Keep track of risks by automating notifications, alerts and reminders, therefore simplifying communication.

Centralize safety management and monitoring

Streamline the safety management process by prioritizing risks, assigning actions and quickly assessing results.

Impress and discuss risk with stakeholders

Effectively communicate your risk management efforts by showcasing status reports and dashboards.

What can RiskReporter do for you?

Centralize & simplify your risk management

Understand your risks

Make risk dashboards, reporting & analysis by category, level of risk and open actions, but also on all projects, meetings, task within your organisation

Contribute to a safer workplace

More hands, eyes, and time: Have your colleagues quickly report risks and safety violations

Structured follow up with standardized risk notifications 

Easily assess and manage risks to help you make better informed decisions

Prioritize safety efforts and have a clear overview of all open actions 

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