Privacy statement & policy

Wolters Kluwer Belgium NV (hereinafter referred to as ‘Wolters Kluwer’) respects your privacy and acts to ensure that you can safely entrust it with your personal data.

In the course of your contact with Wolters Kluwer, certain data about you are collected and processed. Since you can be personally identified from these data, they constitute ‘personal data’.

Full information about what personal data Wolters Kluwer processes and how Wolters Kluwer handles it appropriately can be found below.

  1. This privacy statement & policy
  2. Personal data held by Wolters Kluwer
  3. Processing of personal data by Wolters Kluwer
  4. Sharing of personal data by Wolters Kluwer
  5. Your rights
  6. Wolters Kluwer’s data security policy
  7. Minors
  8. Contact details


  1. This privacy statement & policy

This privacy statement & policy applies to all personal data that Wolters Kluwer collects from you and processes.

By using the website (including the mobile website), apps, web shops and other products and services of Wolters Kluwer, you agree that this privacy statement & policy applies to your personal data processed by Wolters Kluwer.

Wolters Kluwer reserves the right to change this privacy statement & policy at any time. The applicable version is always available on Wolters Kluwer’s website.


  1. Personal data held by Wolters Kluwer

Various data may be collected and processed by Wolters Kluwer in various ways. They include:

Data that you provide directly to Wolters Kluwer

  • Identification and contact information: surname, first name, address, email address, telephone or mobile phone number, date of birth, age, gender, etc.;
  • Financial information: bank account number, BIC code, name of account holder, etc.;
  • Login data relating to a user account: name and username, email address, password, security question and answer, connection times, etc.;
  • Information concerning the products and/or services you wish to order, favourite products or services, interests, preferences you indicate via our websites (including mobile websites), apps, webshops, etc.;
  • Complaints or feedback via our support channels regarding your experience with Wolters Kluwer, comments, suggestions, testimonials and all other feedback;
  • Other data and content that you exchange, communicate and share via the Wolters Kluwer products, websites and mobile websites, apps, webshops, etc., such as text, images, sound recordings, etc.

Information you provide by using the websites and mobile websites, apps and webshops

When you use Wolters Kluwer’s websites, mobile websites or apps, the following information may be processed: visited pages, websites and searches (recorded by means of cookies:, data that you yourself enter on the websites or in the apps and other data to which you have given Wolters Kluwer access (such as location data, etc.).

Data from other sources

Wolters Kluwer may also collect and process data from other sources, for example by purchasing or renting data collected by specialist data suppliers, Wolters Kluwer’s partners, public sources, social media, etc. For the use of social media channels, the rules and preferences of these providers will apply, both to you and to Wolters Kluwer.

On the Wolters Kluwer websites you may find links to other websites. These websites may not be managed by Wolters Kluwer and may have their own privacy statement or policy. Wolters Kluwer strongly advises you to read these and cannot take responsibility for these third-party websites.

You are not obliged to provide your data to Wolters Kluwer or agree to its processing. However, in certain cases it will be necessary to communicate personal data to Wolters Kluwer (such as your name, address, email address, etc.), so that we can provide a proper service and comply with applicable legislation.


  1. Processing of personal data by Wolters Kluwer

Personal data are processed by Wolters Kluwer for the following purposes:

  • The formation and performance of a contract with you (e.g. arranging subscriptions, ordering products and/or services, creating a user account, etc.), invoicing and the monitoring and collection of payment on invoices, whether or not via third parties;
  • Making it possible to exchange, create and delete certain information and/or contact other users on websites and mobile websites, apps, webshops, etc.;
  • Helpdesk
  • The continuous improvement, maintenance and optimisation of our products, services, mobile and other websites, apps and their security, and the optimisation of Wolters Kluwer’s general, commercial and marketing strategies;
  • Personalising the products and/or services to be delivered to you and the associated support services, user information, service messages and other related messages (electronic or otherwise);
  • The sending of targeted, personalised advertisements, newsletters and information. For this purpose Wolters Kluwer may collect your preferences and interests in a profile. Wolters Kluwer will always request your permission first before using advanced profiling techniques;
  • Compliance with the regulations applicable to Wolters Kluwer in the broadest sense;
  • Other specific purposes for which separate permission may be requested.


  1. Sharing of personal data by Wolters Kluwer

Wolters Kluwer may exchange processed personal data with parent, fellow-group and subsidiary companies within its own group in Belgium.

Furthermore, personal data may also be shared with partners, suppliers or other agents of Wolters Kluwer when such processing by third parties is necessary for creation, execution, use, purchase, accessing or completion purposes with regard to products, services, mobile or other websites, apps, webshops, etc. The necessary agreements will always have been concluded with these partners, suppliers and other agents to restrict the use and processing of your personal data and ensure sufficient protection of your personal data.

If your permission is legally required or we believe that your consent is appropriate in a particular circumstance, we will always ask for such permission before we share your personal data or transfer it to a country outside the European Economic Area.

Your personal data will only be released in accordance with this privacy statement & policy and/or if legally required. In rare cases, Wolters Kluwer may be required to disclose your personal data by a court order or in order to comply with other mandatory laws or regulations. Wolters Kluwer will make reasonable efforts to inform you in advance of this, unless it is subject to legal restrictions.

Our partners, supplier and other agents may only use your personal data to send you offers, newsletters and other commercial information if you have given separate permission for this. If you no longer wish to receive these items, you may contact these third parties at any time to stop this use of your personal data (see point 8 of this privacy statement & policy).

Finally, personal data may also be made anonymous and shared with third parties at any time. You will at no time be identifiable on the basis of any such anonymised data.


  1. Your rights

You have the right at any time to inspect and correct your personal data processed by Wolters Kluwer.

You also have the right to the deletion of your personal data, to the restriction of the processing of your personal data and to the portability (transferability) of your personal data, to the extent that this is provided for by the applicable regulations.

You may withdraw the consent you have given for specific processing operations and object to the processing of your personal data at any time for serious and legitimate reasons. You also have the right to oppose the use of your personal data for direct marketing, the transfer of your personal data to third parties (if this transfer is not necessary for the service provided by Wolters Kluwer) and the creation of your profile.

To do this, you can contact Wolters Kluwer using the contact information included in point 8 of this privacy statement & policy.

You also have the right to submit a complaint to the supervisory authority: (Drukpersstraat 35, 1000 Brussels, Tel +32 (0)2 274 48 00, Fax +32 (0)2 274 48 35)


  1. Wolters Kluwer’s data security policy

Data security

In order to optimise the protection of your personal data, Wolters Kluwer takes all reasonable measures and applies best practices to prevent loss, misuse, disclosure, unauthorised access or modification of these personal data. The necessary technical and organisational measures are taken to ensure a sufficient level of security.

Payment details are always protected using the standard encryption process normal for protecting sensitive financial information.

Data storage

Wolters Kluwer will not store your data for longer than necessary for its processing, taking into account Wolters Kluwer’s contractual and legal obligations in relation to these data and Wolters Kluwer’s mission of answering customer questions correctly, improving the quality of its products and services and complying with its legal obligations.


  1. Minors (children under 16 years)

Wolters Kluwer never deliberately collects or processes the personal data of minors without obtaining the permission of a parent or guardian for the minor’s use of Wolters Kluwer’s products, services, websites and mobile websites, apps, webshops, etc. and for the subsequent exercise of rights regarding the processing of the minor’s data.

If the personal data of a minor have been accidentally processed in good faith, Wolters Kluwer will delete the data concerned from its databases as quickly as possible after having been informed.


  1. Contact details

Wolters Kluwer Belgium NV
Motstraat 30
2800 Mechelen
Enterprise number 0405.772.872

Tel: +32 (0) 15 78 76 00