Our compliance management software brings an up-to-date legal register tailored to your organisation's needs, accessible whenever and wherever you want.

A must for certification!

Essential for achieving or maintaining the OHSAS-18001/ISO-45001, ISO-9001, ISO-14001, EMAS or ISO-50001 certification for your organization.

Legal Expertise

More than 25 legal experts translate laws into practice on a daily basis. This means you’ll never miss any relevant legislation or updates.

Tailored Solution

Always an up-to-date register. Together with you we define which existing and future legislation to include in this register.

Tangible ROI

Cut the amount of time you spend following up ever-changing laws and regulations by automating your legal administration.

What can you do with LegalRegister?

Monitor compliance status: The LegalRegister dashboard gives you an immediate visual indication of your compliance level per legislation package. 

Interpretation of relevant legislation: Within each legislation package you can access the full texts of a particular law. The most important changes in the legislation are summarized in an easy to read article. We also propose new legislation that match your company's criteria, which you can easily add to your legal register. 

Easily check compliance status: Per legislation you can check your compliance status per location and assign tasks to individuals within your organization. This allows you to maintain an overview of all activities and actions that need to be closely monitored. In addition, you can also add comments and set priorities.

How can LegalRegister help you?

Peace of mind: You are certain that you will always be able to produce a correct and updated legal register in the event of an inspection. 

Stay on top of regulatory compliance: Each legislation package offers you full access to relevant laws, standards, regulations, as well as summarized articles highlighting crucial changes. Per legislation package you can see the compliance status of your organization.

Actively monitor legislations: In just one click, you show that you have an up-to-date register and that you have already started performing the actions required for conformity. You have a dashboard with a handy overview that shows this conformity, categorized by location and/or domain.

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