Manage your compliance level by closely monitoring your safety and environmental audits

Organizational visibility into audit processes

Gain a perfect overview in each phase of your audit process regardless of the number of different sites, departments or line managers you work with.

Enable audit monitoring to ensure compliance

Use targeted questions and checklists, to check the compliancy of your company with legislations and procedures for safety and environment.

Tailor to your audit requirements

Integrate your own questions and checklists in the tool to gain visibility into specific audit processes.

Convince stakeholders based on audit results

Convince your managers with summarized audit reports about identified problems and follow up actions.

What can you do with AuditManager?

Effectively set-up audits: Select audit questions, publish your chosen list and receive an email with a link where you can run the audit. You’re able to assign audits to teams in different departments or divisions.

User-friendly interface: all 'auditors' can track their assigned audits and responsibilities. Directly through the interface they can process the audit, report on corrective actions and send back the information. The software processes the information, informs you of bottlenecks, and guides you step-by-step through making adjustments and taking actions.

Audit insights and reports: Take a structured approach to analyzing, bundling and comparing answers with Verifield AuditManager. Automatically export audit reports, conclusions and action points.


How can AuditManager help you?

Audit management made easy: Effortlessly follow up actions. With one click, you’ll see how much your compliance has improved compared to previous years.

Step-by-step audit process: By responding to questions and running through checklists, you’ll be able to assess whether you’re compliant with safety and environmental legislation in Belgium, or with the procedures for a safe work place. You can also upload your own questions and checklists directly into the tool.

Fewer errors, more time: All stakeholders exchange information in one central software program  available at all times via the cloud. This results in fewer errors made and a more efficient audit process.

Enable mobile audits:  All questions and checklists entered into our audit management software are also available for quick access on your iPAD. The results are immediately available in the tool.

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