It’s important to involve everyone in creating a safer workplace. But it’s often difficult to make this happen effectively. More notifications create a safer company. With the free RiskReporter app, you and your colleagues are able to quickly report dangerous situations in a structured and easy-to-understand way. Together we see more.

Motivate your co-workers

You can download personalized campaign materials to encourage your co-workers to send notifications. 
Because safety is a shared responsibility! 

Report dangerous situations in three simple steps

Need to follow up on your notifications?

A few key-facts

Free app

> 15,000 users

> 130 countries



This is how we stimulate companies to become even safer, and how we give EHS managers the chance to motivate their staff to join them in creating a safer workplace.

Higher involvement

By making it quick and easy to report unsafe situations, this app helps to increase employee involvement.

Greater safety awareness

Every employee reports potentially dangerous situations they identify on the job. They feel more involved. This helps improve safety awareness within the organisation. 

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Uniform notifications
Automatic notifications
Assign actions
Clear dashboard
Basic reports
Automatic reminders
Assign & follow up tasks
Define locations
Extended reporting
Customized reports (optional)

Create your own campaign material

  1. Fill in the name of your company and the email address of the safety advisor.
  2. Receive the QR code for your company.
  3. Scan the QR code with your smartphone. The email address you provided will be read by the RiskReporter app and used for every new notification. 
  4. Download your personalised poster and email.
  5. Hang the posters in highly visible places and send out the emails to your colleagues. Because safety is about having eyes everywhere!